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T&T has a modern telecommunications infrastructure with the latest in digital and fibre optic technology. The ICT industry features high penetration and cost-effective fixed line, mobile and internet services provided by local and foreign companies. It benefits directly from the country-wide focus on ICT – ranging from schools where ICT training at some level is becoming standard to widespread usage among the population to the implementation of e-business services by the Government. This latter initiative is dominated by TTBizLink, an IT platform implemented by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment for on-line transactions.


T&T has a reliable supply of electricity generated from local natural gas. Rates are among the lowest in the Caribbean. The sector is segregated by generation and transmission and distribution activities and there is a total generating capacity of the order of 1,761 megawatts (MW) with a reserve capacity of approximately one-third of total capacity.


There exists an integrated and reliable system of water production and distribution for domestic and industrial uses in Trinidad throughout the year. On the average 220.9 million imperial gallons (365 million cubic metres) per day of water are produced.